“High Activity” Snow-Foam

Article by: AUTO VALETS

What is “High Activity” Snow-Foam?

AUTO VALETS have researched and tested many of the detailing industries Snow Foam products and found a “high activity” Snow Foam that is a perfect medium for auto detailing as it achieves the following:

  1. able to soak and saturate more road grit & grime
  2. maximum wetting creates heavy water runoff
  3. more functional and effective
  4. made with biodegradable compounds
  5. harmless to the paintwork
  6. will not attack paint binders
  7. achieves a swirl-free valet

and much more …

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This is what we considered and what we concluded:

Our AUTO VALETS operators know that there is no point whatsoever in using costly waxes and sealants in order to achieve a stunning finish if the basics are not right from the outset. In most cases, a full clay bar valet is the first step. Choice of snow foam also plays a major factor in the safe removal of grit.

Our Findings;

Auto Valets of Liverpool, was always pleased with the wow factor of a thick snow foam that looked great and our customers appreciated but, after some extensive research, we found a better snow-foam product. Subsequently, we stopped using an oil-based thick foam with the wow factor, for a thinner water-based solution that did not possess an amazing wow factor but, it did possess the technology of “higher activity”.

What is Higher Activity Snow Foam?

Higher activity for Auto Valets simply meant, more grit would be lifted and trapped in the thinner foam whilst reacting quicker and more effective when applied to the vehicle the overhaul results in the use and finish, were consistently impressive, far greater than any initial wow factor. For that reason, Auto Valets use a snow foam that meets all the detailing requirements whilst leaving a stunning and protective showroom finish.

AUTO VALETS now offer a detailing service that Guarantees not to introduce swirls or scratches to the vehicles paintwork. The Snow-foam we use now will significantly reduce the possibility of damage to your vehicles paintwork by presenting you with a beautifully clear and free of FOD (Foreign object damage) that is now, perfectly ready for a professional and safe detail of your car and by doing so, we are proud of the high standard we can achieve and are sure you the customer will be pleased.

The previous use of an oil-based Snow Foam was not biodegradable as our new snow foam is biodegradable and of premium quality, foaming water-based, that simply does the job better and is a great choice for the environment as well.

Auto Valets Snow Foam is not designed as a superficial high foam product but as a functional material.

If you are looking to have your car valeted by a company that does everything to protect your cars paintwork then try AUTO VALETS of Liverpool, who GUARANTEE, Not to introduce swirls on your vehicles paintwork.

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