AUTO VALETS “do not” introduce swirls or scratches to your cars paintwork.

Valeting article by: Auto Valets.

Pre-Wash Paint Protection by AUTO VALETS.

Auto Valets of Liverpool DO NOT introduce swirls to your cars paintwork but instead employ a Pre-Wash System. This involves using the industries best quality products, understanding their use and correct application.  As a car valeting company AUTO VALETS are one of the very few that “first remove the grit from the car” BEFORE washing it.

Please Note:

Not many mobile valeting services or forecourts actually carry out these all important valeting steps to protect your cars paintwork, due to the following:

  • the correct, quality product costs are to high
  • they do not have the time available to ensure such a high standard of valeting
  • or they lack detailing knowledge

Another contributing factor is the customer themselves

  • may not understand or be concerned about the damage the paintwork is undergoing.
  • they may view their vehicle is not worth it.
  • or that using a mobile valeting company that protects the paintwork is too expensive.  

AUTO VALETS hold the view that it is false economics to have an expensive car end up with swirl marks on the paintwork, that will only devalue your cars worth. Alternatively, a monthly valeting service that incorporates paint protection will save you £££’s. Choosing to devalue your car and introduce swirls and scraches resulting in paint correction is more costly than having a regular monthly (quality) valeting esrvice.

Auto Valets of Liverpool make it thier ultimate goal to clean your vehicle and have in mind from start to the finish the protection of your cars paintwork. We do this in three steps as outlined below.

Step One:

We apply a high quality (tfr) Traffic Film Remover to the areas of your vehicle that are most affected.

TIP: Make sure the (tfr) is approved by the auto detailing industry and actually states on the product that is will not mark plastic trims, vinyl, or alloy. It’s important because cheaper products are available that will mark the vehicle. 

Using a quality TFR in the first stage of the pre-wash will remove up to 80% of your cars grit and prepare it well for step two.

Step Two

We use a quality snow foam treatment that is sprayed over the whole vehicle. Left for a dwelling period of up to 15 minutes, the snow foam acts to agitate loose grit and trap it in the foam ready for a second power rinse.

TIP: Under no circumstances should mitts or sponges be used in the snow foam valeting process. Some forecourts make the mistake of washing your vehicle with mitts or sponges whilst the snowfoam is still on the car and the remaining grit, this is what causes the unsightly swirls as the grit builds up in the sponges and mitts.

Step Three


AUTO VALETS apply an AUTO GLYM shampoo conditioner that is PH Neutral and will not leave streaks or strip off previous waxes or sealants. It is a product that is soft and gentle on the cars paintwork and will leave that all important deep gloss showroom shine.

Swirl Free Car Valeting Liverpool

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