Auto Valets Product/s


This auto detailing product is used by AUTO VALETS of Liverpool and allows the auto detailing process and stunning finishing results to be carried out safely. No other materials on your vehicle such as plastics,vinyl, rubber aluminium, glass or alloy are adversely affected. So we feel it is important for you to be informed of this, so you can choose a professional car valeting service that implements car care at it’s best.

Just another point worth knowing, look at the image above. The fall out on this mercedes benz is the reason we DO NOT wax or polish a vehicle until it has had a full decontamination. It’s counterproductive costly and wasteful to wax or polish over pollutants. Auto Valets offer a full car decontamination service called the “ultimate detail” that includes a wax/paste (after decontamination) that will protect your vehicle paintwork for up to 6 months.

Alos, the product we use is a powerful pH balanced fallout remover that removes embedded metallic particles from vehicle paint work.

Nearly all vehicles are contaminated in this way as metallic fallout is generated from vehicle braking surfaces, industrial fallout and rail carriages. It is important to remove the fallout from paint surfaces as
the process of rust and corrosion will swell the embedded particle causing deterioration of the paint film around the site.

The paint work will feel remarkably smoother and ready for completion with polish or wax. The product may also be used to remove light or flash corrosion where it ability to render iron oxide water soluble will facilitate rapid corrosion removal.