Car Wash versus Auto Detailing!

Article by Auto Valets;

It’s obvious but not to everyone, that, washing a  car and auto detailing are two completely different approaches. Your average car valeting company will usually jet wash the car with little water, then use a drop of fairy liquid in a bucket and start washing the vehicle whilst a lot of grit is still on the vehicle. Then with thier sponges or mitts, already full of grit wash the car and more grit is now introducing swirls and scraches to your vehicle. To remove the swirls & scraches would take an expensive paint correction job.

“This approach from an Auto Detailing perspective is the worst possible way to valet your car and a false economy”

A professional auto detailing company will have a definite process that is meticulously followed. It will start with the safe removal of all grit from the car and this means extra time, the right products, the right settling period and two full rinses BEFORE the car is washed and done so with an Autoglym Shampoo Conditioner and dried with a plush microfibre towel.
The auto detailer is very sensitive regarding your cars paintwork, making sure no swirls or scratches are introduced in the cleaning process, your average valeting operator, is interested in a quick job so he can get to his next valet and care little about the paintwork or do they usually invest in the industries best products.

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