AUTO VALETS share tips on “correct” Alloy Wheel cleaning.

If you the customer appreciate that Alloy wheels are an expensive piece of kit, then we at AUTO VALETS ( a mobile car valeting service in Liverpool) suggest you consider a few basic questions that might help keep your alloy wheels in great shape, especially if you intend to use a car valeting company, first ask yourself the following;

  • Is the alloy wheel cleaner that your car valeting company uses, a high-quality product that is non-acidic? if not, then your alloy wheels are in danger of surface damage. Often, the average car valeting company sends out inexperienced operators who fail to have the right product understanding or get the right dillution mixture and often will leave the chemical to dwell on your alloys for far too long.
  • Is the alloy wheel cleaner suitable for painted & lacquered wheels?
  • Are the Alloy Wheel Products “biodegradable”? A quality car valeting company will more lightly use materials that are biodegrable and worth considering if you want to protect the enviroment.
  • Do the valeting staff use Non-Abrasive detailing tools?or are they harsh in thier approach, it matters as your vehicle can loose value in the wrong hands as it’s appearance can deteriate over time if not looked after the right way.
  • Is it the owners of the valeting company cleaning your vehicle or is it someone different being sent out? Usually the owners care about the whole process and know thier products well.
  • Are the valeting staff knowledgeable about “safe” alloy wheel products?
  • Do they have a non-aggressive approach to cleaning in general?

If you have answered YES to the above questions, then the likelihood of your alloy wheels maintaining their luster and undamaged, shining appearance is a highly possible.

Using of Liverpool, you will find a company that GUARANTEES not to introduce swirls, and by doing so they will ALSO be very sensitive about all other areas of cleaning your car, including the alloy wheels.

AUTO VALETS always maintain your alloy wheels to the highest standard possible. With the right products, gentle approach and detailing knowledge you can be assured AUTO VALETS appreciate your vehicle like you do.

Article by Auto Valets

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